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Who wants to step in poop? Not YOU!! Who’s turn is it to pick up poop? Mom? Dad? Kids? You? Make it ours!! We are low cost Professional pooper scoopers; leave the poop scooping work to us. As we say, Doody Is Our Duty we are Las Vegas’ premier pooper scooper company serving the Vegas Valley, including Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Green Valley, and Blue Diamond.

Here in Las Vegas we are an eco friendly, green, pet waste management company starting at just $10 bucks a week. Poo Patrol’s #1 goal is to keep you and your family protected from dog waste that can carry disease and be tracked into your home.

Poo Patrollers keep your yard safe, clean (sanitary) , and poop free for you and your family (pets included). No more spooky days spent cleaning your yard after your pets (phewww). With our convenient once or twice a week service get your pet waste removed and beat the Las Vegas heat.

Poo Patrol also offers sanitation for your home (concrete, rocks, artificial grass). We also offer deodorization for urine and feces smells, especially for those Las Vegas summer days.

All Poo Patrollers love pets and pets love us back! We keep tails wagging. Poo Patrol works along side many rescue agencies and YOU. Fill out the form and we’ll scoop the poop for you.

Pet approved! Vet approved! Rescue approved!

Licensed & Insured.


Happy Hours

Mon - Fri
8 am - 7pm
9 am - 4pm

Let Poo PatrolDog Poop Clean up

Poo Patrol is a Dog (Pet) waste management company serving, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Green Valley, and Blue Diamond. Poo Patrol specializing in poop yard clean up, pooper scooper, and picking up poop for you. Las Vegas’ premier pooper scooper company.


our price

1 Dog$10
2 Dog$13
3 Dog$15
4 Dog$17
5 Dog$19
6 Dog$21

our price

1 Dog$18
2 Dog$23
3 Dog$25
4 Dog$27
5 Dog$29
6 Dog$31


Choose YourPackage

Prices on chart are only an estimate and may change due to variables such as lot size and differing lawn terrain (ex. rocky).

Time since last clean up:

Pretty much clean $0

>30 days $35 (One Time Fee)

<30 days $50 (One Time Fee)

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